I have been in the fitness business since 1981. Fitness is truly my passion! Being fit and healthy, and most importantly feeling good about yourself, has 885977_928270057195455_1710248501262785551_oalways been my philosophy!

I created my own personal training business in 2001 and am very excited to be expanding! On June 29th, 2015, I opened my own fitness studio. At Forever Fit, I offer private and small group training sessions along with group fitness classes.

Training with weights and resistance training is extremely important with your workouts. Along with my original and unique choreography, I like to incorporate some of Tony Horton’s P90X and Shawn T’s Insanity/Focus T25 moves, making your workouts fun and very effective!

Make your fitness program a priority! Set goals and achieve them! Live a long and healthy life!

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